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Supermarket Best offers

Lidl, being an international discount store, offers discounts on edible and non-edible products. It provides not only international products but also local products. Lidl offers include weekly and special offers. Through the Lidl website and Lidl app, you can browse and discover the latest in-store offers, browse and check out their products, register to the newsletter, and find out the closest discount store of Lidl.

As spring has arrived, Lidl has placed spring offers on its website and Lidl app. The spring offers vary from spring food to family fun, fair trade, or garden events. Whether you want to check out spring recipes or look for an Easter event, you can visit the Lidl website or Lidl app UK.

Middle of Lidl

The Middle of Lidl section of the website or app shows the offers this week and the offers that the customers can avail of next week. It also shows the discounts on each offer that the customers can avail themselves. The Middle of Lidl section products vary from indoor accessories to outdoor accessories, from a plant to a pair of shoes, from cleaning equipment to kitchen equipment.

Food Offers

The Food Offers section contains all the food discounts and deals for this week and next week. It ranges from food deals to vines, from daily routine food or kitchen ingredients to weekly or monthly grocery discounts. The food they offer includes fresh fruits and vegetables, fresh meat, fish, bakery items, chilled food and drinks, deluxe, eggs, frozen food items, beers, wines and spirits, food cupboard, and free from or dietary foods. Therefore, customers can check the leaflet available on the website or app and choose the best food item for themselves.

Other Products

They can also shop their monthly groceries from Lidl. The other products include health and beauty products, baby products, pet products, flower market, house cleaning products, and home appliances. The Pick of the Week offer allows the customers to choose the best offer or product of this week or next week.

Loyalty Schemes

Lidl Plus has also introduced a loyalty scheme, which gives the customers more discounts. It gives its customers rewards on their every Lidl shop. Coupon Plus is also a part of Lidl Plus and is a money-saving app. Coupon Plus gives you a chance to earn and save money. When the user meets the spent criteria, money-off coupons are offered to him/her. Therefore, with this app, customers can get discounts on their favorite products, save money, get free coupons, and pay through the app. The app has made customers’ life easier.

Buymie App

Lidl also offers the Buymie app, through which you can shop groceries from the Lidl online shopping store. The online orders are delivered in an hour. Through this Lidl Plus app, Lidl has transformed its supermarket into an online shopping platform. The app allows users to save their money, keep track of their past purchases, browse Lidl deals, Lidl weekend specials, and Lidl online leaflet.

After registration, the app gives you a QR code; after scanning the code, users get a digital coupon with money off for a month. Upon fulfilling the target amounts of money spent, the users can get more rewards and money off coupons every month. The app users also get a scratch card; upon scanning the card, there are higher chances of winning more rewards and coupons.

Buymie app, which is also the partner of Lidl in providing home delivery service for groceries to its customers, allows you to browse a range of fresh food, including vegetables, fruits, meat, poultry, fish, and other ingredients. Therefore, you can do your daily, weekly or monthly grocery shopping easily with Buymie.

The app gives you an option to add your personal preferences. The app gives you leverage on payments by allowing you to save the payment details and pay later through the app. Thus, you don’t need to keep money in your hand. There are no late deliveries; the app will deliver your order within 1 to 3 hours. It also has a feature of pre-booking home delivery, which gives you an option to place your order seven days in advance.

Lidl – Offers & Leaflets App

Lidl – Offers & Leaflets app make your shopping easier than before. The app gives you the latest updates about the Lidl super weekend offers and Lidl special buys. You can go through the latest Lidl offers, find the closest Lidl shop, and browse the Lidl stores in foreign countries. The leaflet gives you all the information about the Lidl offers this week and Lidl offers next week. The app allows the user to set product reminders.

They renewed Lidl leaflets every Thursday, giving you updated information regarding the Lidl specials. Lidl’s website also gives customers information about the latest innovation that the business brings. Lidl renews its Middle of Lidl items ranging from power tools to flowers or fresh vegetables. The middle of Lidl is the central point of Lidl’s every branch that displays and renews the variety of products every three days of the week.

Home Delivery?

There is no home delivery service of Lidl in the UK. Instead, customers have to go to the stores and get their shopping. The Lidl online leaflet gives customers knowledge regarding Lidl offers, Lidl deals, Lidl specials, Lidl weekend special, Lidl super weekend offers, and Lidl special buys. The best time to shop at Lidl in the UK is from 2 pm because it is the quietest time. The best days to visit the store are weekdays because usually there is a large crowd on weekends.

Bottom Line

The Lidl plus app and Lidl website contain leaflets and flyers having all the groceries available at the Lidl store, which gives its customers the options to choose their preferred grocery for themselves. It also keeps its customers updated regarding the discounts available on groceries and other products.